The Maggie Scholarship Fund

Margaret "Maggie" Rushnik Bunio.

The Maggie Scholarship Fund, established and supported by the generous contributions of Russell (Class of 1965) and Mary Bunio, was created to provide financial assistance to Carlynton High School graduating seniors.  In honor of Margaret Rushnik Bunio, a graduate of Carnegie High School, a person who valued all forms of education and learning, the scholarship is intended to provide partial funding for deserving high school graduates that want to further their education and training. The recipients of these scholarships will be selected based upon their personal character, work ethic, attitude, and other qualities. The scholarships can be applied towards technical schools, nursing schools, trade schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities. The major target is to provide assistance at obtaining the ‘education/training’ to achieve meaningful employment and carry forward the tradition of "being your best" as developed by the Carlynton School District system.

The final selection of recipients will be made by a small committee of previous CHS graduates, serving the Maggie Scholarship Fund Process.

The scholarship is a one-time award of $5,000. There will be four scholarships awarded each year.

Completed applications should be returned by February 14, 2020 to