"My students and I want to say a big "Thank You" to the CEF for the work they are doing.  This grant has helped my classroom become more effective, engaging, and comfortable." Mary Campbell teacher Carnegie Elementary 

We received many  great proposals and have awarded the following mini grants: 

Jr./Sr. High School:

  • Chris Colonna -  World History and Geography - Large scale wall maps  to support World Geography and World History classes
  • Kristen Fischer - English - Copies of "The Shallows - How the Internet is Changing Our Brains".  These books will support the debut of the new AP Language and Composition class.
  • Wendy Steiner - English - Belkin splitters and headphones to expand and enhance use of existing technology and assist struggling readers. 
  • Stephen Vayanos - Spanish - Purchase copies of Pulitzer Prize Winning "Enrique's Journey"  - 2015  grant  and books and readers to develop a Spanish lending library for students in grades 9 - 12 to promote biliteracy and literacy across the disciplines - 2016 grant
  • Annemarie Bunch -Emotional Support - Alternate seating and work space stations to support the Emotional Support classroom at the Jr. Sr. High School.
  • Marlynn Vayanos - Art -  Classroom subscription of Scholastic Art to increase literacy in grades 7 - 12 by incorporating reading strategies across the art curriculum through the use of non-fiction, contemporary articles

 Carnegie Elementary School:

  • Mary Campbell - 2nd Grade - Alternative seating arrangement to accommodate all learners - those with and without disabilities - 2015 grant   and classroom set of headphones to support students working independently while minimizing distractions in 2nd grade at Carnegie Elementary - 2016 grant.
  • Emily Hanley - Classroom set of solar powered calculators to support student achievement of common core mathematics standards in the 4th grade at Carnegie Elementary.
  • Scott Donnelly/Erin Cummings - 5th Grade - $500 to help offset the cost of a field trip to Washington DC to tour the nation's capitol and learn more about our nation's history. 
  • Nicole Uhrin - Kindergarten through 6th grade - $500 to offset the cost of an eBeam, an  interactive white board to help in the learning process.
  • Allison Fekety - Equipment to support the implementation of "Sensory Breaks" to assist student learning in the autistic support classroom at Carnegie Elementary.
  • Erin Cummings - 5th grade - Classroom set of solar powered calculators to support student achievement of common core mathematics standards in the 5th grade at Carnegie Elementary - 2016 grant.

Crafton Elementary School

  • Mark Priore - Music - Purchase authentic African drums to expand cultural and educational learning activities.  
  • Russ Pedersen - Music - Purchase and refurbishment of used musical instruments to support the music program for grades 4 - 6 at Carnegie and Crafton Elementary.


The Foundation continues to fund teacher mini-grants on a rolling basis.  Teachers may have one application funded per semester.  We look forward to funding the great things happening in your classrooms!