We received many  great proposals and have awarded the following mini grants: 

Jr./Sr. High School:

  • Chris Colonna -  World History and Geography - Large scale wall maps  to support World Geography and World History classes
  • Kristen Fischer - English - Copies of "The Shallows - How the Internet is Changing Our Brains".  These books will support the debut of the new AP Language and Composition class.
  • Wendy Steiner - English - Belkin splitters and headphones to expand and enhance use of existing technology and assist struggling readers. 
  • Stephen Vayanos - Spanish - Purchase copies of Pulitzer Prize Winning "Enrique's Journey"  - 2015  grant  and books and readers to develop a Spanish lending library for students in grades 9 - 12 to promote biliteracy and literacy across the disciplines - 2016 grant
  • Annemarie Bunch -Emotional Support - Alternate seating and work space stations to support the Emotional Support classroom at the Jr. Sr. High School.
  • Marlynn Vayanos - Art -  Classroom subscription of Scholastic Art to increase literacy in grades 7 - 12 by incorporating reading strategies across the art curriculum through the use of non-fiction, contemporary articles

 Carnegie Elementary School:

  • Mary Campbell - 2nd Grade - Alternative seating arrangement to accommodate all learners - those with and without disabilities - 2015 grant   and classroom set of headphones to support students working independently while minimizing distractions in 2nd grade at Carnegie Elementary - 2016 grant.
  • Emily Hanley - Classroom set of solar powered calculators to support student achievement of common core mathematics standards in the 4th grade at Carnegie Elementary.
  • Scott Donnelly/Erin Cummings - 5th Grade - $500 to help offset the cost of a field trip to Washington DC to tour the nation's capitol and learn more about our nation's history. 
  • Nicole Uhrin - Kindergarten through 6th grade - $500 to offset the cost of an eBeam, an  interactive white board to help in the learning process.
  • Allison Fekety - Equipment to support the implementation of "Sensory Breaks" to assist student learning in the autistic support classroom at Carnegie Elementary.
  • Erin Cummings - 5th grade - Classroom set of solar powered calculators to support student achievement of common core mathematics standards in the 5th grade at Carnegie Elementary - 2016 grant.

Crafton Elementary School

  • Mark Priore - Music - Purchase authentic African drums to expand cultural and educational learning activities.  
  • Russ Pedersen - Music - Purchase and refurbishment of used musical instruments to support the music program for grades 4 - 6 at Carnegie and Crafton Elementary.


The Foundation continues to fund teacher mini-grants on a rolling basis.  Teachers may have one application funded per semester.  We look forward to funding the great things happening in your classrooms!

"My students and I want to say a big "Thank You" to the CEF for the work they are doing.  This grant has helped my classroom become more effective, engaging, and comfortable." Mary Campbell teacher Carnegie Elementary